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Leather Clad, Mod Bashing, Brit Classic Bike Riding, heros of the Rock n Roll era, other wise known as Greasers, Ton-Up Boys, Teddy Boys.
Rocker Guy:Hey u wanna take a Ride down to the ace
Rocker Girl:Yeh thtd be fun, see if ya can get the bike up to the Ton on the way.
by Chuck"Ton-up" Parker August 15, 2006
1. Roadside Cafe off the North Circular, London
2. Most Famous haunt of the Great Rocker,Greasers, Ton-Up boys in 60s England
3. Fantastic Place
4. Heaven for Those whos gods are Barry Sheene, Mike "the Bike" hailwood etc, and anyone who loves bikes and the smell of Castrol R spillin from a Hundred Trummies, Bezzers etc
Rocker at The Ace Cafe: Hey how bouts we meet up ere saturday in the mornin' n ride down to Brighton
Rocker 2: Yeh give the bikes a blast take the birds for a good time, knock some Mods of their poxy hair dryers
by Chuck"Ton-up" Parker August 15, 2006

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