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3 definitions by Christostorous IV

Somebody who participates in anal sex and vaginal AND ear penetration all at the same time using one penis.
"Wtf man...is he dorking that chick?"
"Yeah dude. So what?"
"But how does he do that?"
"lemme show you"
*whips out cock*
"Dude, you just thrusted your cock into my ass man, I want an explanation out of this at least..."
by Christostorous IV March 12, 2007
1: Abbreviated term for Billie Jean. An absolute CLASSSSSICCC TUNE performed by Prince. Probably the best song ever and you're stupid and ignorant if you don't like it.

2:Also used to describe when a woman puts her mouth over a man's rectum and starts licking his ass out until she orgasms.

3:also the name of a popular childrens' character popularlly known as "beej" the ginormous scrotum.
1:"Billie Jean. Is MY LOVER! She is the one who says that I'm not the one...EUH! She licked my balls off with her tongue..DI DI DI DI DI *ridiculously fast violion bitty...aye*"

2:"Hey love, want to give me a BJ? Hoho?"
"Well *shucks* why not. Hehe. Now bend over"
*starts sucking on willy*
"EEEWWWW! What are you doing?! Wrong side!"
"OH silly me. Gads I just put your willy in my mouth.. where is your shit stinkin' rectum?"
"round the back babes"
"oh yeah, hehe"

3:"Hello kids today we're going to learn about the body! *goofy chuckle* This is called penis. These are testicles and this is pubic hair. Now let's move down to the genetalia kids...you've been warned."
by Christostorous IV March 12, 2007
When two or more persons participate in fantastic sex consentual or not; that's irrelevant.
"I raped this hot chick last night dude. I felt kinda bad though cos I farted and the room stank of shite when we were boning but I think it turned her on man."
"was it consentual?"
"of course man?! What do you take me for a sick bastard?!:@"
"well you did fart in her face while she was giving you a rusty trumpet"
"shut the fuck up man she liked that shit"
"fuck you man. You just don't understand me nobody does"
by Christostorous IV March 12, 2007