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(1.) Lovable mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain. Fondly remembered for selflessly providing food and fun to thousands of squalling brats (myself included). Known to have had the Magic.

(2.) Quietly assassinated in 1997 by order of the Health Nazis. The incident was quickly hushed up and the clown replaced with an android replica, which was subsequently reprogrammed to advocate "healthy" activities in the hopes of pacifying Herr Nader.

(3.) Popular target of jokes which were never even remotely funny.
(1.) Yeah, I remember Ronald McDonald. Nice, good-natured guy, good with the kids. Could do some damn good party tricks, lemme tell ya...

(2.) Down with the Nanny-State! Up with personal accountability! Remember Ronald McDonald!

(3.) Ronld McDnld=p3d0! LOL!
by Christopher the 43rd October 24, 2007

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