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1. A word used to describe anything thing that is similar to or relating to the British Spy James Bond and/or the James Bond films. It can be used to describe things or actions.

2. Music that is similar to that of the all girl string quartet Bond.
The chase scene in that movie was very bond-esque.

That laser watch is so cool, it is very bond-esque.

That song is great, it's very bond-esque.
by Christopher J. Orcutt February 06, 2005
Combination of the words ditz and douchebag. Used to describe someone who is a ditz and a douchebag.
That girl is such a ditz bag.
by Christopher J. Orcutt January 27, 2005
Used to describe poorly made or inferior products. It can be used to describe things that are cheap or expensive as long as they are not well designed or constructed.
Shawdy can describe products that have persistent problems, break easily, or are unreliable.
Creative makes shawdy mp3 players, mine broke in a week.

Don't buy one of those shawdy used cars, get a new one that will last.
by Christopher J. Orcutt February 20, 2005

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