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1. An absolute ruler.
2. A tyrant; a despot.
by Christopher J. Bradley May 10, 2003
1. The office or tenure of a dictator.
2. A state or government under dictatorial rule.
3. Absolute or despotic control or power.
Iraq was once under the control of the dictator Saddam Hussein.
Germany was once under the control of the dictator Adolf Hitler.
by Christopher J. Bradley May 10, 2003
n; Woolworths, Safeway: "To work for minimum wage", "to get ripped off"
Related words: stingy, dictatorship.
Devo if you had to work till midnight for only $7.50 an hour.
by Christopher J. Bradley May 05, 2003
Not quite "Ghetto", and not quite "Kettle".
chris_megyeri: And Possie is some faggot thing like Eminem faggots
chris_megyeri: Hang in the Gettle
yah00_totally_bites: wtf is the Gettle?
chris_megyeri: Its like Crib
chris_megyeri: Some black homo word
yah00_totally_bites: you mean Ghetto?
chris_megyeri: Yes
chris_megyeri: No actually
chris_megyeri: Its Gettle
yah00_totally_bites: ok
by Christopher J. Bradley June 04, 2004
A word/method used to get someones attention.
"Hey sneezer! over here!"
by Christopher J. Bradley November 04, 2003
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