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When someone has really long hair and washes it but doesn't wash the crack of their ass or asshole for days at a time and the hair matts up and catches like a strainer in their poop dungeon.
Look at this wad I just pulled out of my asshole. My taint strainer was filled to capacity.
by Christine Spencer July 13, 2011
A bra for a balls. Kind of like a combo for tighty whities and a g-string but really really tight. Any man over the age of 40 should never leave home without one.

Highly recommended in nursing homes. Will help prevent old saggy wrinkly shriveled worn and stretched to capacity gooch tendrils from dragging on the carpet.

Prevents ball spillage, absorbs some odors, and sack sweat.
Hey, man, your danglers are resting on my seat, try wearing a brall next time.
by Christine Spencer July 07, 2011

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