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6 definitions by Christian Mu

1. Frontman of Modest Mouse and Ugly Cassnova
2. A poetic genious
3. A survivor of a rough child hood(he lived in a 4x5 shack outside of his uncle's trailer while his mother slept with the uncle inside for months)
4. He is a notorious for being violent and a dick towards fans
5. Buddha himself would give him an award
6. Used to describe a creative hipster or genious
1. Isaac Brock has a powerful voice

2. Very few poets would amount to Isaac Brock

3. Boy: My life sucks. I live in a two bedroom apartment with my brother

Girl: Isaac Brock had it worse than you bitch

4. Dude: I went to see Isaac Brock, and he nearly hit me in the face

Chick : Who cares? He is God

5. Isaac Brock should start his own religion

6. Hey have you heard of Christian Mu? He is an aspiring Isaac Brock
by Christian Mu March 02, 2008
94 24
1: To stand on the tips of your toes and walk as a notion of stealth

2: to "Get Some"

3: A Term for someone who dances well

4: A word in which there is no cool way to say
1: Sam Fisher was on his tippy toes on his latest mission

2: She gives me all the Tippy Toes I Need

3: Look at that tippy toes. Fuck ballet

Christian Mu: I'm a big biker and I had to tippy toe my way past the cop

Alex Johnson: That was an incredibly gay word
by Christian Mu March 07, 2008
54 10
1: A combination of the word mystical and majestic, to create a raddass combination of the two.

2: A horses boner

3: Something a gay hair-dresser would say after he finished with your hair

4: An all around good word
1: Some nerds may think that WoW is mysjestic, but they are gay and aren't allowed to use this word

2: That horse's mysjestic is very mysjestical


4: Christian Mu and Katrina Woodz enjoys saying Mysjestic and mysjestical

by Christian Mu March 14, 2008
13 1
1: To attack someone from the front, usually hitting them in the face, tit, vagina, stomach or testicle areas.

2: To elope with another male and a female leaving her frontal openings blocked. Done with trio's
1: Zomfg Christian Mu just frontal assaulted me and my god did he do damage to my genitals.

2: Nick and I just frontal assaulted Lukas
by Christian Mu March 14, 2008
14 2
1: Combination of Rad and Ass to make the ultimate word

2: To define something so awesome beyond comprehension

3: To Define an ass
1: Yes scott, I just made up the word raddaass just now

2: Java Monsters are so raddass, my mind would explode if i tried to fathom their raddassness

3: Christian Mu's ass is infact, raddass
by Christian Mu March 07, 2008
15 3
1: Something that is totally awesome

2: Something that is raddass and rocks out

3: Something that describes the country Whales
1: You beat Through Fire and Flames on Expert? That Totally Whales

2: You know Christian Mu's little brother? He Totally Whales at the Synthesizer

3: That guys outfit is Totally Whales
by Christian Mu June 19, 2008
10 4