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Escondido is full of illegals that don't give a sh*t. They might as well be gangs.
I moved from Pa to Escondido to downtown San Diego.They walk around tagging EVERYTHING. None of which in English. They don't speak English in public, restaurants, gas stations, etc. They will hit your vehicle and run! I personally was physically assaulted in front of my school while being asked for a cigarette which I did not have nor hardly understood. At the "E Point" apartments we lived I had a security guard/gangster follow me from my car at 5 am (grabbing my phone) to my door (which I locked). Then, days later follow me to school when I told him I was 15(a lie, but it helps to get guys away) he continued to follow me. At the same apartments my bf's brother had his car stolen. They also had problems with meth and buildings blowing up in the same area of Escondido.
by Christ on Meth April 05, 2009

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