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3 definitions by Chrissy Robinson

A term used to describe an area, room, etc. which looks extremely messy, but the owner knows exactly where everything is.
MOM: Look at this room! It's a mess!

KID: No it's not, it's organized chaos.
by Chrissy Robinson April 24, 2006
108 18
An additional slang term for "ugly". Well, extremely ugly! It's worse than beat with the ugly stick or fell out the ugly tree.
JEN: Looks like that bitch fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!

ANN: Hell no....that bitch got hit by the what the fuck truck!
by Chrissy Robinson April 21, 2006
38 11
Basically a fancy name for "dishwasher". My ex felt inferior to some of his friends who had cool-sounding jobs, so I made this one up to make him laugh and feel better :)
JOE: Hey Bob, what are you doing with yourself these days?

BOB: Oh, hey Joe. I'm the assistant to the vice president of sales. How about you?

JOE: I'm an underwater porcelain technician.
by Chrissy Robinson April 21, 2006
19 2