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2 definitions by Chris Walsh

What you get from tricks and hoes from different area codes. Symptoms include slutty clothing, excessive makeup, grinding one's ass into or around another's genital regions, and the need to listen to shitty mainstream mtv rap. Usually found on the dancefloor af any downtown-area club.
Paris Hilton/Tara Reid/Lindsey Lohan wannabe's all have a huge case of Vanarial Death Grip.
by Chris Walsh November 04, 2005
a bunch of fucked up assholes that like to dress up like japanamation cartoons, tinkerbell fairy look-alikes, or glow in the dark zombies. they like bright colors, loud bass, and candy necklaces. that's all they eat so they're usually really fucking skinny, but sometimes you will find one of their fat friends that like to hang out with them and just eat candy. these fuckers hang out at raves or in dark basements giving backrubs to eachother while singing along to the techno (which contains lyrics like: castle in the sky, i see a rainbow in your eye!). also, these dj's that "spin" techno are the dj's that weren't good enough to make it through dj school and dropped out. all they do is fade one track into the next rack, counting "1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4..." in their head. anyways what was i saying? fuck a candy raver. if you ever see one kick 'em in the balls or vag, because they deserve it.
JIM: I met this candy raver last night.
BOB: Really? What's a candy raver?
JIM: They go to raves and wear construction masks covered in Vick's Vapo-rub. They like candy.
BOB: Like snickers?
JIM: No, not the good kind of candy. Jewelry candy.
BOB: Sound like a bunch of queers to me.
JIM: Yep.
BOB: Yessir.
by Chris Walsh October 10, 2005