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The British National Party, who's presence in politics in our country makes me proud to be British. Contrary the misconceptions of the bulk of the population, the BNP are not racist - they in fact are tolerant to people of all religion and ethnicity. All they wish to do is put an end to Islamic extremism and tighten immigration laws.

The BNP is just as respectable a political party as Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems. When member Stuart Williams said his dream was to "Shoot Pakis, that's all I want to do is shoot Pakis. I'm waiting for war. My dream is to have a transit van with a machine gun in the back, with about a million bullets to fire on people coming out of the mosque on Friday." he was simply addressing the issue of religious extremism. Sure it could sound racist taken out of context.

When member Steve Barkham told of stamping on an Asian man's head until blood began to pour out of his mouth and eyes, he was only displaying his passion for the traditions of our great white-skinned nation - didn't we used to have colonies across Asia? No it's a lie.

Vote BNP.
Tommy awoke early to vote BNP, then returned home, beat up his wife, molested the kids then decided to go drive around looking for a Paki to beat up. He put on his police uniform and set off to work.
by Chris Tomkinson July 13, 2005

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