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Definitively the best music game that exists.
"Would you like to indulge in some Guitar Hero?"
"No way, Pop'n Music is 100% better."
by Chris the Italian Chef August 09, 2009
A fluent speaker of Russian, he specializes in the disposal of others. Favorite activities include scratching the cardboard rectangle, meowing, moving his food out of the bowl before eating it, and chasing twist ties around.
"Did you hear that sound?"
"It must've been Ferdinand."
"It sounded like a gun"
"It must've been Ferdinand."

"Do you hear someone being tortured?"
"It's just the cat."

"I smell smoke."
"It's just the cat."

"OK seriously, you'll have to stop with 'it's just the cat.' You know just as well as I do that cats do not use death by a million cuts to kill their enemies, they don't have guns, and they don't explode. I'm going to stop coming over if you don't tell me what's going on, it's getting out of-"
But then he was killed by a mysterious throwing knife.
by Chris The Italian Chef April 02, 2009
A mediocre speaker brand that was incredible in it's past. Their speakers after 1990 typically sound very bright and sometimes harsh. This can be attributed to their thinner cabinets which give less room for bigger midrange/bass drivers and that their newer speakers now all use one horn instead of two (not counting the Heritage and Palladium line). This accentuates the higher treble too much, which was avoided on the older models by giving a bigger horn to the midrange squawker and a small horn to the tweeter. Their old speakers sell for cheap and sound worlds better than the new ones.
"I loved Klipsch until I heard their RF-83s played in comparison to a pair of Paradigm Titan Monitors and liked the Paradigms more"
by Chris The Italian Chef April 02, 2009
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