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An expression of laughter, as well as a love of forks. This fusion of forks and humor creates a powerful chemical element which is known only as... ROFLFORK.
Chris: Hey, I did something that was rather foolish!
by Chris Spargo February 27, 2008
A toaster so great that it can toast the universe.
Dave: Hey want some toast?
David: Yeah sure.
Dave: OK well I'll just make some in the best toaster ever!
by Chris Spargo February 27, 2008
A quote from Romeo & Juliet, today used to evoke anger and love in the recepient of this well known phrase.
Bill: The shoe is on the floor!
by Chris Spargo March 05, 2008
A reference to a late 90s TV ad for iMac, where Jeff Goldblum detailed "three easy steps to connect to the internet", then realised that he had been a fool and that there was no step three.
Bill: Hey Eric, how can I arouse myself?
Eric: Step 1: Pull down your pants.
Step 2: Jack off until you cum.
Step 3: There's no step three!
Bill: Thanks!
by Chris Spargo February 14, 2009
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