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3 definitions by Chris Proce

The act of manipulating the male genitals without the use of the mouth or vagina. Most commonly performed with the hands but feet and ass clevage are also know to be employed.
Joe asked the woman for a tugjob and she replied by tugging his penis to completion.
by Chris Proce November 30, 2004
364 87
Simply put to get high on cocaine.
(Two guys pissing side by side at a urinal in a NYC bar)
Gay Guy says-"Do you like to party?"
Straight Guy says-"yeah"
Gay Guy says-"Do you blast off?"
Straight Guy says-"Yeah" (Not knowing what it means)
Gay Guy says-"Do you want to go into the stall?"
Straight Guy says-"Yeah"
(Both men walk into the stall and proceed to blast off employing the key bump method)
Gay Guy says-"Your fucking hot can I suck your dick?"
Straight Guy says-"No" (And proceeds to exit stall hastily. Comes home and defines this word on Urban dictionary)
by Chris Proce January 31, 2008
26 32
Slang for a homosexual male of average to high flamboyance. More loosely used for any Gay male. The term originated in Astoria, NY and quickly spread throughout the borough and into The Bronx. The term is not considered derogatory in nature and is often used as an insider word by the Homo-thug community.
Since Joe Just got snaked in the ass, I assume he is a Skylark.
by Chris Proce January 27, 2008
19 38