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is shorthand for the now commonly used phrase, "Oh My God, Lady Gaga!," which is used when referring to the pop sensation herself, her songs, or anything that pertains to Lady Gaga.
You and your friends are partying at a nightclub. All of a sudden, the DJ starts playing the Chu Fu Remix of Bad Romance (or any other song by Lady Gaga). You and all of your friends start screaming "OMGaga! OMGaga!" to show your love and support for Lady Gaga.
#lady gaga #omgaga #omg #oh-maga #gaga
by Chris P Treat February 01, 2010
is a homosexual male, who is actively engaged in the gay club scene, that tends to eat large, unhealthy meals, several times a day. No matter now much a club cow eats, he somehow seems to maintain his thin, muscular figure without working out. How he does this, is unknown at this time.
A homosexual male eats a footlong hero from for dinner. When he is finished, his stomach is not bloated at all. It is flat and his 6-pack abs are still, very much visible. He is known a "Club Cow."
#club #cow #homosexual #gay #club scene
by Chris P Treat February 11, 2010
Shorthand for "Oh My God, Madonna!" or "OMG, Madonna!" or "Oh My God, Madonna & Lady Gaga!" or OMG, Madonna & Lady Gaga!"
Please see the above definition of OH-MaGaga for examples.
#omg #omgaga #q-my-gaga #om(enter your own word) #oh my god
by Chris P Treat January 16, 2010
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