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3 definitions by Chris Martin

A orginization, from the government, that gives out money to people who are low lives, and do not have the brains to get a job. Unfourntanley, as a nation, we are forced to foot the bills of people who reproduce like Rabits, and pay for their food, and other commidites.
Hey look, there is a welfare recpiant, lets go beat the sh*t out of the low life who mooches of everyone else.
by Chris Martin November 22, 2004
562 467
The word squigg is an alternative for words like; slut, whore, tramp, dirty-pig, etc. I've come to use this term so much I refer to every girl as a squigg. Sisters, cousins, friends, etc... if they're female.. they're a squigg!
1. I tag-teamed these 2 squiggs last night.

2. Check out the squiggs over at the bar!

3. I know a squigg that gives awsome head.
by Chris Martin October 06, 2004
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A particular member on a skateboard messageboard, formally known as Smooth as Sandpaper. His crazy antics make for a great time. You will constantly see him arguing with his arch nemesis MS(MullenSucks)
Stupid noob...stop trying to act like SaS.
by Chris Martin March 09, 2005
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