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a place on Rt. 35 in NJ where you stop to have 1 shot and 1 beer for happy hour on your way to the Jersey Shore.
The MILF's at the Meritage are always looking to bang us young studs. So we stop there for a drink and try to get lucky.
by Chris Luck January 10, 2005
a series of bad luck lasting greater than 25 years. Typical response to every situation is "good one god"

the useage is heavier if your Italian.
He lost the coin toss 11 straight times. He sure as shit got palumboed.
by Chris Luck January 07, 2005
a girl you bang out at your beach house in NJ for a summer while
a.) you have a girlfriend back home ( Northern NJ or NY ) or

b.) she lives in your beach house as well.
The shore whores we live with love to lick our asses and drink our pee
by Chris Luck January 05, 2005
slang: Cocaine, Blow etc..
I ripped a gram of trogdor last night.
by Chris Luck January 05, 2005
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