6 definitions by Chris Lomas

To smash a lady up sexually to the point where both parties are tired and pleasured
I gave that slag a right good cocking, now she is walking like John Wayne


He got a right good cocking on holiday the filthy little sausage jockey
by Chris Lomas August 17, 2006
A nice piece of pussy to stick your length into
Loook at that Minky over there, i'd have a rip on it!
by Chris Lomas August 18, 2006
someone who cycles to work every day apart from when it rains
Look over there, there's fucking old One Day Charlie
by Chris Lomas August 18, 2006
A gentlemen who regularly frequents his bed with beasts, swampdonkeys and leppers
Old kickstart is a proper Beastmaster
by Chris Lomas August 17, 2006
Homo, bummer, shit shifter, arse bandit, fudge nudger, shit stabber, ring raider, twink, think you get the picture
Suprise Cockfag !
look at that Cockfag what a queer ass bastard !
by Chris Lomas August 18, 2006
Small person, more affectionately know as a midget
look down there, there are fucking Munchkin's everywhere, little bastards!

Look at that Munchkin over there, lets go and kick him in the swede
by Chris Lomas August 18, 2006

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