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1. Judgement occurs when the judgee is struck with; either "the stick of judgement" (1 - 4) or with "the ball of judgement", both currently in use in Devon, UK.

2. The act of vigilante violence.
1. Judgement will be brought upon you.

2. Judgement will be brough on all cunting motherfuckers.
by Chris Hoyle/Henry Beech March 26, 2005
1. Hoes that fuck shit cunt bollcks bastard arserape shitty fuck faggot rendering pug fucking cunt beastiality child melasting ball sucking motherfucker, anus cleaning, take your cock out of my German shepard.

2. A small village in North Wales, with the highest population percentage who have been conveticed for beastiality.
1. Fuck off you ball sucking ho shit fuck cunt ass bollocks fuck slag whore motherfucker, it was shit I'm not paying you.

2. Shall we go to hoshitfuckcuntassbollocksfuck for a holiday?
by Chris Hoyle/Henry Beech March 26, 2005

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