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When somebody is about to sneeze, you rear back your right forearm with a clenched fist, and with the strength of a thousand lumberjacks, punch them in the chest to prevent the sneeze...
Cody "Ahhhh-AHHHHHH"

Chris *punches Cody in the chest with fury worthy of Street Fighter II*

Cody "FUCK!"

Cliff "Haha, you got tha sneeze punch!"
by Chris Hambrick June 22, 2007
Obamapwn is the word used in the town of Boaz, Alabama to show that someone has officially been owned... especially by a Democrat...
Chris: Dude... My girlfriend just totally left me... and Scotty got a VD from her friend!

Phil: Ohhhhhh! You've been Obamapwnt!
by Chris Hambrick March 31, 2007
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