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A pit of indescribable terror and agony. It is a dreaded place... The students are strung up on ropes and chains, bodies litter the parking lots and front steps. Those who live near it have claimed to hear the ancient screams of tortured souls withing its cold walls. No one goes near it anymore, those who have, are rarely seen ever again. The lucky survivors however, can only piece together a scrambeled story.
"Screams, everywhere screams... I was running.. I ran and ran but they were always right behind me. The stench of burning flesh and hair was everywhere. A door... a light... then nothing.."
by Chris Fay February 16, 2005
having sex with multiple, very hot women, while eating a Hershey bar. Mmmmmmmmmm.
"Hey Chuck, remember that time I had sex with those two asian chicks while eatin a Hershey bar.. that was awesome..."
by Chris Fay February 16, 2005

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