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A shortened version of wherever. Derived from the popular shortening of whatever, whatev.
Hubby: Where do you want to eat?
Wifey: Wherev.
by Chris Davenport II January 14, 2008
Used to quickly describe something as crummy, crappy, second rate, ugly, and not cool. Derived from an old model line of automobiles Chevrolet made in the 1960's. They were stripped down with vynil floor boards, no headliner and cardboard based door panels.
Aaron: Man, look at that 88 caprice on 22's!
Chris: That's so biscayne.

by Chris Davenport II January 14, 2008
A slang word for pubic lice. Also known as crabs.
Kathaleen: My ex-husband gave me triangulars!
Rich: What!
Kathaleen: He claimed to catch them from a restroom!
by Chris Davenport II January 14, 2008
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