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1.(n) A filet taken from the underside of the human penis, between the glans and the testicles.

2.(adj.) Of or obtaining attributes usually assigned and associated with the underside of a penis.

Can be used as a modifier as Chicken Fried can be used to modify Steak. For example, a Chicken Fried Steak is a Steak that has been prepared as if it were fried chicken. A cocksteak bitchnugget is a bitch nugget that has been prepared as if it were a cocksteak. This usually denotes grilling, or being placed upon somebody's grill. (see bitch-nugget)
1. (n) Would you like me to throw this cocksteak on your grill?

2. (adj.) You are nothing but a cocksteak bitch nugget.
by Chris A. Wolf November 07, 2005

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