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Something drunk old irish priests say
Father Ted: "Would you like some more tea, father?"
Father Jack: "ARSE BISCUITS!"
by Chris "Kreejo" JJ September 23, 2006
a noob that sucks so much, some guy pwned him and put a stick up his arse for no apparent reason. This can occur also in moments of frustration, when a noob decides he needs to relax and put a stick up his bottom, or when a noob needs to drop a dookie they shove a stick up their arse to prevent an unwanted toilet trip away from world of warcraft. (DO NOT TRY THIS, noobs have been known to explode)
noob "hey guys go easy im new"
wow_man "haha ur such a noob"
thatguy "he hasnt killed ne1 and i keep pwing him, hes a noob on a stick"
noob "ohh..."
by Chris "Kreejo" JJ May 09, 2006
A pathetic attempt at next gen gaming by Sony, less impressive than Microsoft's Xbox 360 and nowhere near as fun as Nintendo's Wii. The PS3 will be doomed from the expensive day of release...at least I hope it will...
Will probably be released with singstar, and some flaws, meaning Sony will have to make a "second generation" of PS3's, much like the joke that was the PS2, on it's FIFTH generation now! Xbox? ONE GEN, Gamecube? ONE GEN!!! MS and Ninty don't build shitty consoles, they're built to last for years. Sony should now revert to overpriced, under performing TV's.
Billy: "I've been saving up for PS3, I've finally got enough!"
Fred: "So how much have you got?"
Billy: "£1000, well, that's enough for a PS3 game at least!"
by Chris "Kreejo" JJ September 25, 2006

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