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24 definitions by Chris Garay

Slang for tightey whiteys; the secret word

(Conkey and the Rest of the Play House): "AHHHHHHHHHHHH! EH EH EH EH!"
by Chris Garay May 06, 2005
Current Astro; former Dodger, Cub, Met, Giant, Indian and Yankee 2nd baseman; greatest baseball player ever; BFF with Jeff Kent, with whom he was traded at least 3 times
"Jose Vizcaino is a lifetime .272 hitter, and also really ahhhsome."
by Chris Garay May 27, 2005
everything thats wrong with Western Society
no example needed. Good Charlotte is tragically awful.
by Chris Garay September 23, 2005
Center of the Ithaca Sucks T-Shirt industry
"Hey, why are you wearing that gay ass shirt?"

"Because Ithaca sucks and SUNY CORTLAND RULES!"

"So how long have you been retarded?"

by Chris Garay May 05, 2005
Fast food chain from the Chappelle Show; anything that is bad or disagreeable; anything that dares to tear this family apart
"Hey man, you hear about that new song by Dave Matthews?"

"Nah, fuck him, he is WacArnold's"


"WacArnold's is tearin' this family apart!"
by Chris Garay May 05, 2005
Home of beer, shots... uhh... beer... oh and its a school in the middle of no where, NY
"All right, welcome to your interview for the McDonald's night shift manager position... where did you go to school?"

"Cortland State!"

(awkward silence)

by Chris Garay May 05, 2005
a way to make a living
"Wow, nice car! How'd you pay for it?"

"Welp, I got me a sweet handjob down in the city."
by Chris Garay May 27, 2005