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Alicia Keys isthe Most Beautiful Woman to Grace the Face of The Earth.... all of you that say bad things about her are jealous. Please!!!! dont hate her because shes wayyyyyyyyy much better than much of you girls will be and wayyyy much better than all your girlfriends will be.

Beautiful Voice, Great Talente, Great Body....and oh yeah a hundred million times better than Beyonce!
If you want to see a real beautiful woman just look at Alicia Keys.
#beautiful #keys #jealous #woman #hate
by Chri$ a.k.a Chyno January 16, 2006
Place of birth of Hip Hop n graffiti...da only boro on da mainland.

basically dun fock w ppl from da bronx in da bronx cuz we dun play...u waan it well give it 2 ya...so next time u thinkin bout comin 2 da bronx n try 2 act all gangsta n shyt...think twice bout it...
Ni99a we from The Bronx New York Shit happens, kidz clappin...
#hip hop #graffiti #gangsta #play #mainland
by Chri$ a.k.a Chyno January 11, 2006
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