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4 definitions by Cho1

gay emo music that talks about drinking bleach and cutting yourself.
"Hey, I want to go see Simple Plan."
"Fuck that, that's soap and bubbles."
by Cho1 May 23, 2005
14 8
Orginally a catchphrase used by Disney in the "Goofy" cartoons. Whenever Goofy would do something stupid or ambiguously silly, he would say, "ahuick." Nowadays, it is used to potray someone who has done something completly moranic. Also an expression for stoners to recognize themselves as baked.
"Dude, I just fell on my ass."
by Cho1 March 31, 2005
7 2
1.a Russian hockey player who loves sweet and sour pork and has a bad habbit of being tripped; ugly, hairy buffoon with bad temper
2. Jared's lover
"I was in the penalty box, and Pudlick raped me, and then kidnapped me back to Russia where he molested me for a month or so."
"I think you need therapy."
by Cho1 April 03, 2004
4 7
Method created by Amanda Finlayson to practice giving head.
"I gave a Capri-Sun Blowjob today!"
"Ever consider therapy"
by Cho1 April 14, 2004
13 51