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To allow one's pubic hair to grow in excess to get revenge, i.e. sexual retribution in the form of inaccessibility.
He done me wrong, so I's growin myself a grudge bush. He goin to get him none. He can keep slappin it on the slab for all I care.
by Chip n Crisp January 01, 2011
Light Amplification by Stimulated Nocturnal Emission Radiation. This phenomenon occurs when a dude has a wet dream so intense that a laser beam shoots out of his penis.
"Dude, bro....last night I had a LASNER. It shot straight through my tightey whiteys up into the ceiling. The upstairs neighbors called the cops and now I gotta pay for the damages. Shit's fucked cuz I was dreaming about YOUR MOM! You owe me a beer!"
by Chip N Crisp January 12, 2013
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