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an asian man or woman who pretends to be of african heritage
"Hey look at that asian dude with the gold chain and the baggy pants. What a chigger.
by Chip Diggens June 08, 2006
starkville, mississippi usa
Hey my cousin just got a new job down in stark vegas
by Chip Diggens June 08, 2006
The chunky pieces of bloody goop left over when a girl takes a shower at your house while she's on her period. One can often find shower pepperoni after a long night of sex.
Don't let Steph take a shower at your house, unless you want to clean the shower pepperoni out of the drain.
by Chip Diggens June 08, 2006
When a male gets two females to get on their hands and knees with their two asses facing each other. Then the male puts a strap-on on backwards and gets between them both. This drives both women wild and resembles the trademark hat of the worlds most famous detective.
I gave those whores a sherlock holmes.
by Chip Diggens June 08, 2006

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