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1 definition by Chip Cham

A toothless Ape/Monkey that has a life that revolves around a gangster wanna be boi whom they ware gay hats. When the Skyler species gets a girlfriend/boyfriend it refers to it as hot as salsa. His "Date" never wants to kiss this species because he only has 3 teeth at a minimum. It is very clumsy and wares big work boots. And the eyes of a skyler tend to look like they belong to a asian banana. He is normaly rejected when it comes to other human life. His species should belong in a hole. It eats worms and anything thats not dead. If you come across a Skyler be awhere that they like to feast on the fat and beautiful.
Ewww look at that Skyler!
by Chip Cham February 21, 2010