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A way to say goodbye when the ship is sinking
and you have the only lifejacket.
CAPTAIN: "We're taking on water faster than I can pump."
MATE: "Well, I guess I'M OK, BUT YOU'RE FUCKED.!"
#later #dude #i'm outta here #i'm splittin' #letter on #latersville #bro
by Chingo Bellamongo October 13, 2006
Quote attributed to Rick James, as parodied in a famous Dave Chappelle comedy skit.
Equivalent to a crowd shouting, "Show us your tits!", but rather this is the cracked-out demand of one high-flying, balloon-headed, stunna-glassed ex rock star.
#show me dem titties #show me them titties #where yo titties at girl? #where all the white women at? #superfreaky
by Chingo Bellamongo October 13, 2006
... fill in the blank with whatever you want people to call you today.

Typical name tag wording intended as an icebreaker for chit chat at any function, meeting, or party at which many of the guests are unfamiliar with each other.
"HELLO, MY NAME IS Chingo Bolamongo," read the name label on the keynote speaker's lapel.
#introduction #i am #you are? #how do you do? what do you do? #wanna blow this popsicle stand?
by Chingo Bellamongo October 13, 2006
Ejaculative exclamation of shock, disgust, or surprise.

Didn't someone on the Fat Albert
cartoon show always say this?
I think it was the li'l guy peepin' out from his ski mask.
"B'damba M'mamba, where's Bill Cosby?"

"DAMBA MAMBA! You got ripped off, dude.
#wow #hey man #you for real? #is that all there is? #let's just keep dancing and pretend it didn't happen
by Chingo Bellamongo October 13, 2006
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