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Men who are prissy; not excessively masculine.
It was Brian's choice of a pink velvet jacket that caused habitués of the tavern to refer to him as a "girly man," even though he was legally blonde.
by Chili Dog Bravo August 07, 2004
The top cat of a pride of felines; an alpha cat.
The current ubergàto led the alley cat glee club; after which they all went out for tuna.
by Chili Dog Bravo August 05, 2004
This refers to the phenomenon of the supremely annoying and sadistic older brother, after Wyatt's brother in the popular television program "Weird Science."
My brother was so totally a case of the Chet syndrome: he used to pull the heads off of my Barbies, take my panties to school to show his useless and creepy friends, "borrowed" my CDs forever, and hogged up the bathroom by showering until all the hot water is gone and I would have to shower cold. Brrrr!
by Chili Dog Bravo October 29, 2007
This is a tree at which women in a group individually remove their bras, and leave them permanently hanging on the tree. This is usually part of a ceremony by a sorority or other group, and is usually attended only by women.
The Chili Dog Sisters had their annual bra tree ceremony, followed by a dinner at a Thai restaurant in Murfreesboro.
by Chili Dog Bravo June 17, 2010
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