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the word originated in New York in the early 80s. The previous word for the dance was "slam". The origin is probably Yiddish, as is "mish-mosh" - something all mixed up. It was a specific New York Hardcore variation on slamming which went in a circle (usually counter-clockwise with the stage as 12:00). There was a variation to slower, chuggy music called the creepy-crawly. It may have been Jimmy Gestapo (Murphy's Law) himself who coined the word
Crucial Mosh, New York style!
by Chief Hanson September 24, 2004
1) In New Jersey as opposed to New York City
2) By extension, wrong or gauche
(When someone has a flag patch sewn on the wrong sleeve)
Yo, you've got it sewn on the Jersey side!
by chief hanson November 02, 2004
a Bostonism, used ironically in a freindly way to point to idiotic behavior
This is the source for the fictional "Charlestown Chiefs" hockey team in the movie SLAPSHOT
When your pal falls over drunk, face in a puddle:
"All right there, chief?"
by Chief Hanson September 24, 2004
A pocket rocket is a concealed handgun
the yound punk was carrying a pocket rocket
by chief hanson November 02, 2004
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