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It is the act of defocating on one's phalanges then grasping their phalis and choking it until the chicken spits.

Choking the shit covered Chicken or Jerking off with a shit covered hand
Yo dude...when my girl went down on me after i pulled a pound cake she got all pissed off and when she was yelling at me flecks of my own feces were flying at my face.
You begin by doing a snobby girl from behind in the Vgine. Then you proceed to stick two fingers in the boot and scoop out some stoof. Finally you take your shit covered fingers, reach around, and plug her nostrils. After committing this hanus act, You say, "Who's shit stinks now bitch?"
"I was tapping that really stuck up bitch, Sayegh's Mom, and I gave her a beverly hills wiffer.
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