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7 definitions by Chibi Jeebs

Much like assvice, an unwelcome and unsolicited opinion; a literal take on the phrase "opinions are like assholes: everyone has one..."
Doesn't Bob realize that no one wants his asspinion?
by Chibi Jeebs December 01, 2010
32 4
Much like drummer tongue, the act of unconsciously sticking the tongue part way out of the mouth while performing any task requiring concentration.
Billy must find colouring difficult: his concentration tongue is sticking out.
by Chibi Jeebs December 27, 2010
28 6
An emo/ranty/snarky/"blind" tweet that does not mention a specific person or event, doing nothing more than garner attention because people can't help but be paranoid and wonder if it refers to them. Similar to vaguebooking.
@bob: Your version of the "truth" is unbelievably ridiculous, dude.
Everyone else: Looks like @bob's vaguetweeting again...
by Chibi Jeebs February 08, 2011
20 2
A blogger who is only interested in receiving free products, trips, or publicity by exploiting brands and sponsors in order to gain exposure and drive more traffic to his or her blog (to make money).
Look at Buffy, pimping her latest blog post everywhere for the tenth time today. She's such a monetizing brandwhore.
by Chibi Jeebs August 25, 2011
19 4
A so-called "fan" who only shows up for the fun part of the season to criticize (who is quick to jump off the band wagon at the first sign of defeat), yet can't even SPELL "hockey," "baseball," "basketball," etc. the other ten months of the year.
Bob, you don't even know what you're talking about. You're such a playoff princess. Shut up.
by Chibi Jeebs May 04, 2011
13 0
A blogger who feels he possesses the moral superiority to spout rhetoric and issue royal decrees of what is acceptable for others online, completely oblivious to his own hypocrisy. A holier-than-thou know-it-all.

Similar to a sanctimommy.
Fred is such a sanctiblogger, demanding everyone stop using copyrighted pictures when he freely admits to downloading music without paying.
by Chibi Jeebs October 08, 2012
6 0
When you're REALLY cranky: F*cking + cranky = cranky
Whoa. Stay away from Jenn: she's franky today.
by Chibi Jeebs January 25, 2011
31 44