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They walk through the valley of the shadow of death.... but they fear NO evil,
because they are the GREATEST fighting force in the valley!

bad ass, no evil, marine, military, marine corps, USMC
by Chet Steadmen January 17, 2009
A badass sport, not for the weak. Although it does involve more cardio readiness than American Football, the hits taken are not nearly as hard. American football hits have been Scientifically proven to be 4 times harder than a rugby hit. Pads are involved in American football, its is a nastier sport.

Either way, both are tougher than soccer, which is a joke. The comparison between rugby and soccer is that soccer players are Gentlemen off the field but not on the field. Conversely, Rugby players are gentlemen on the pitch but bad asses off the pitch.
Rugby, soccer, tough, Gentlemen, men, football, toughness
by Chet Steadmen January 17, 2009
What one does if they cannot become a Police Officer..... Nonetheless, still a hero and an honorable profession, just as all Emergency Services professions are.
Police, Fireman, Firemen, honor, EMS,honorable, Police officer, hero
by Chet Steadmen January 17, 2009
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