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2 definitions by Chester Steaknife

1. When a man is convinced he has fucked the living shit out of his partner, and he/she usually tells him he/she loves him shortly after. When a sex partner screams during sex as though they were being murdered.

2. After a man has sex with a woman on her period and his penis is covered in blood and resembles a murder weapon.
1. "Yo I hit her with the murder dick, now she won't leave me alone."
by Chester Steaknife September 02, 2012
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Smoked out, crack addict in bad shape, or anyone on drugs who winds up resembling Pooky from "New Jack City".
,Yo did you see Yolanda? Yeah man, she pookied out, need to leave that pipe alone!!
by Chester Steaknife July 13, 2013
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