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2 definitions by CherryBomb50

A game where you need to be the most annoying person. One person says something annoying and you must say something more annoying. Last person to be annoyed wins
Person No. 1: blablablablablabla. BlaBlaBlaBla. BLABLABLA.


Person No. 3: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Hehehehe!

Person No. 4: I slept with all your gfs.

Person No. 1,2,and 3: Shit!

Person No. 4: I won The annoyed game.
by CherryBomb50 August 30, 2011
When people who go on the Internet daily think "porn" is short for "popcorn"
Person no. 1: wanna go watch a porn movie?
Person no. 2: Porn movie? Don't you eat porn at all movies?
Person no. 1: That's some damn stupid thinking. You don't eat porn. You watch it.
Person no. 2: but isn't porn the short form of popcorn?
Person no. 1: Of course not! Idiot...
by CherryBomb50 October 05, 2011