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Habbo retros are cheap remakes of habbo that are either

A. A lesser version of Habbo
B. Don't work

People who grow up using Habbo retros often believe that in the real world they don't have to work for money.
Bob: Hey I use Habbo retros.

Carl: Um, ok. I use the original Habbo. Wanna go to the mall and buy things?

Bob: No, that's ok. I used all my money and I'm still waiting for the government to give me money.
by ChemicalBee December 22, 2008
People need to quit saying "Oh, goths are unique, creative people!' Then why are there many other people that dress like them!?! Exactly! Anyway, I'll give you a def. Goths are sadistic people who wear black and red and have 1000 piercings and worship Satan and get a kick out of everyone who is afraid of them.

Goths also like to cover their face with their hair so they bump into walls.
Person: AHHHH!!

Goth: Haha, oops, bumped into wall.
by ChemicalBee December 23, 2008
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