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1 definition by Chelseakid17

A Sachin refers to someone, not unlike a Piranavan, who has lost all contact with his school-friends as soon as it became inconvenient for them to contact him. This person will almost definitely plan an outing in December for his former-friends but will be stood up by all of them, because they have all moved on. Once, perhaps, he had friends, but none of them thought he was worth e-mailing more than once after he left. The Sachin is then only a punchline for over-recycled quips about the socially-retarded.
Liam: Yo homie, did you meet up with Sachin in December?
Jerrell: Who? Whatever, yo. I got better shit to think about.

- Somewhere in Central London -

Sachin: Oh, bitter taste of mine own medicine! And for all those yester-years whereupon I had accused lone Pran of romancing with Kanto, I have now fallen to his depth and beyond. But still, I wait, with utmost patience, upon the arrival of mine olde companions so that we may reunite in Central London and speak of Virtua Tennis and Fifa.
by Chelseakid17 October 05, 2010
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