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a korean guy who thinks hes black
Wow, jay is such a kigger
by chelsea November 10, 2003
The new slang way of saying "for sure dog" for most words add 'Izzle' to it.
Fo' shizzle dizzle, its the big neptizzle with the snoopy d-o double gizzle (begining of snoop sogg's song From The Chuch To Tha Palace)
by Chelsea November 26, 2003
When a girl has three guys at once, one in the mouth and two with each hand - looking like a tara dactyl.
by chelsea March 22, 2003
this is an expression used to show emotion. it usually is used when talking about something or someone good. it can also be used when responding to something you agree with
Dang skippy Caleb is hot.

That caf food was awesome.--Dang skippy it was.
by Chelsea December 16, 2003
1) The capital of Texas
2) A large city that contains the only Texas state history museum, THE University of Texas, the governor's mansion, among various other locations of interest
3) Contains both hills and plains, mountains and lakes
4) The heart of Texas
5) Aka. "ATX"
John Doe
123 East 21st Street
Austin, TX 12345
by Chelsea March 07, 2004
Slang for "your mom" which is the ultimate come back in any situation, but it is said so quickly that it sounds like one word.
-Damn, where'd you get such an ugly shirt?
by Chelsea March 07, 2004
disease coal miners get from inhaling fumes from below
I developed a severe case of pneumonoultramiscroscopicsiliconvolcanoconiosis today at work.
by Chelsea April 17, 2005
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