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The arsehole of a posh bird, an apt wordplay on the sophisticated designer Coco Chanel, of haute couture fame
I finally got Daphne to come back to my place the other night, once I got inside her fur coat and mink knickers it wasnt long before I was knacker-deep in her cocoa channel.
by cheffykins January 02, 2012
A tampon, whose lodged presence is unbeknown to you in the heat of passion, preventing any entry to Fuckingham Palace......
Things got dirty with Janice the other night after Cinderella Rockafellers, was just about to pop my finger in and was thwarted by a "Palace Guard"....If I'd have known at the start of the night I wouldnt have spent all my cash on WKD!
by Cheffykins April 05, 2011
An embarrassing medical issue that occurs when the sight of a stunning looking lady on the beach, or elsewhere similar, can cause a dribble of discharge from your third eye, much like the irritating eye condition.
Look at Keith's speedos, theres a sticky damp patch on the front of them caused by all these bikini-clad honeyz at the pool today. He must suffer badly from cockjunctivitus.
by cheffykins December 26, 2011
A pair of long and droopy, highly polished and tanned titties, usually found on holidaying women of the over 50's age group
We went to St Tropez this year, and on all the beaches the "Aubergine twins" were out in force
by Cheffykins August 08, 2010
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