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A sexual encounter involving a man skeeting on a woman's face in below freezing temperatures, causing the semen to freeze into a white sheen over the women's face.
Man: "How's the temperature inside the freezer?"
Woman: ""It's damn cold, that's for sure."
Man: "Perfect for an Eskimo Snowchild."
by Cheezy Chester November 03, 2007
n. An individual whose forum posts and/or text messages frequently contain phallic references or the word penis.
Man 1: Yo, bro! Any idea what we're having for dinner tonight?

Response Text: Penis!

Man 1: God damnit. Do you ever NOT have cock on your mind? Damn penis troll...
by Cheezy Chester April 06, 2011
1. A man who comes up with disgusting, sexually-inappropriate urban dictionary definitions in his spare time.

2. A complete and utter badass
Man 1: Cheezy Chester just posted a new urban dictionary definition.

Man 2: Oh jeez, what now?

Man 1: Well, it involves a man, a woman, and a newborn Siamese kitten.
by Cheezy Chester March 03, 2009
N. A form of mutual masturbation where the acting male partner inserts his/her open palm into the female's vagina, then moves it in and out as a method of stimulation. If this maneuver is used in the anus instead, it is then referred to as the Dark Alley
Man 1: So, the other day my girlfriend I were feeling slightly adventurous, so we tried the California Saucerfist.

Man 2: Really? Did she enjoy it?

Man 1: I couldn't tell if she was crying or having an orgasm.
by Cheezy Chester September 30, 2008
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