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An absorbent garment used to leverage the belly fat of a large female while in the doggy style position. So that vagina is accessible to the male erection.
<Guy 1> She was so big I had to use the sweat towel!
<Guy 2> I wondered were my scarf went.
by Cheez is rice November 01, 2010
A girl that is looking to marry a guy who makes a good sum of money in order to stay home and have children. Many girls who do this attend the colleges themselves and move around from place to place on the premise that they "can't find what suits there wants" for there future. They then marry a guy who has a degree and subtly quit college and pretend as if they tried and just wanted to focus on married life.
Guy 1:Dude, I am so glad I broke up with Ashley.
Guy 2:Why?
Guy 1:Because two months after me she was engaged to another guy in my Engineering Class and he said she just wants to stay at home now.
Guy 2:She was looking for the Wife Degree wasn't she?
by Cheez is rice April 18, 2009
Often used on Fark.com as a ending tag line to a headline that is used as a scare tactic by the media. The over dramatization causes the reader to feel the full effects of the sarcasm and coulis sense of humor the submitter intended for the headline.

In formal usage it can be an exclamatory phrase to express very real danger and incite chaos to the crowds causing mass damage to area's and buildings as well as the people panicking. Please don't yell "Everybody Panic" in the middle of a large crowd as it is an offense that could get you arrested. However funny it might be.
F-15 groundings have caused Alaska to depend on the Canadian Air Force for protection. EVERYBODY PANIC No really: EVERYBODY PANIC! -- Fark
by Cheez is rice April 20, 2009

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