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Cleep is the most versatile word in the English language that can mean a variety of things but has two main meanings:
1) An STD received through extensive contact with (usually involving the consumption of) armpit hair.
2) Today's slang for Vagina or Vagoo

Cleep can be found not only in those who suffer from this disease, but in addition on college futons.
Prevention of the cleep can be avoided by rubbing the head of a sweet and innocent head of an 18 year old boy who desperately lacks armpit hair.
"Hey I found that cleep you were looking for, it was on my futon the whole time... sorry I haven't had much time lately, my dad has been on my cleep all the time."

"Dannng girl i hope your cleep tastes good cause I'm eatin it"
by Cheesin n Cleepin since 1990 February 15, 2009

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