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Another word for a toilet. It is usually very dirty with plenty of left over skidmarks and stray pubic hair.
Grover the friendly troll with treacher collins syndrome left a smattering of drippy turds in his shit gobbler after eating at Taco Bell.
by Cheesedick Parade October 16, 2006
When a police officer grows a mustache that went out in the seventies. For example Officer Ray Fox 5628.
Officer Fox:"License, registration, and insurance please ma'am."

Woman:"Wow! You scared the piss out of me with that ugly fucking shitstache. I thought you had treacher collins syndrome"

by Cheesedick Parade October 15, 2006
when after spitting mud out of your ass, the remnants left on your ass cheeks from the up-splash.
Harvey ran to the shit gobbler after feeling the sudden urge to "mud". When he finished, he had to use extra toilet paper due to the treckle left behind.
by Cheesedick Parade October 14, 2006
When drilling a broad from behind doggy-style, take a towel and wrap it around her neck. With both hands, pull the slit into your man meat to and fro.
Nancy:"How was your date with Rodrigo last night?"

Beryl:"We went to a movie and then he took me back to his house and gave me a good amish stagecoach."

Nancy:"Aww, shucks. Why do you get all the good ones?"
by Cheesedick Parade October 16, 2006
A rapist who gets pleasure from creating works of art related to rape.
After heinously raping a stray dog, Alvernious the rape artist sat in a quiet meadow and painted a collage of his actions.
by Cheesedick Parade October 17, 2006

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