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The Art of public pooing. Urban pooing takes its humble beginnings from people taking urban poos after facing prolonged deprivation of public restrooms, most often while walking during a long night of drinking. When one has been depraved of a restroom for too great a time, they may decide to take their pooing to the next level.

Urban Pooing has several tenets to follow that will determine the beauty of an urban poo.

Tenets of Urban pooing

Lay it public- The more people who must bear witness to the urban poo, the better

Lay it well- Be creative, shock and awe the public with the clever placements of your poo

Lay it fast- Speed is key, to Lay quickly takes much more talent than some may think, in an urban setting, Laying the urban poo fast and efficiently is a key skill in the sport

Lay it large- Fat shits are always more impresive

Lay in the heavens- Lay your urban poos high in the heavens

Lay like a shadow- Never get caught, being caught in the act of urban pooing is the greatest shame one can receive
guy 1- " Dude! me and my friend went urban pooing the other day"

guy 2- "what's urban pooing?"

guy 1- "it's like where you take shits in weird places and then tell people about it later for a good laugh"

Good examples of:
-Lay it well- On the inside of

-Lay in the heavens- Off buildings, bridges, etc, the higher the more heavenly.

-Lay it large- pretty self explanatory
by Chazz New Orleans February 21, 2011

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