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a bike shop legendry for its crap bikes which would have gone bankrupt years ago if not for its mildly successive car department whixh is mostly occupied by chavs buying neons for their ford focus.

the bike department mostly employs high school drop outs who cant even spell bike and think they are the sex because they can wheely on their saracen x-ray. if you are planning to buy a bike from halfords take a tool kit with you because there is a 95% chance that at least one part will fall off on the way home.
if you want to ern yourself minimum wage, can name at least 2 parts of a bike and have a highschool education then you are way overqualified to work at halfords.
person with a basic knowlage of bikes: why are your forks on backwards?
retard who bought his bike from halfords: na man shut up halfords did it so its supposed 2 be like that init
person with basic knowlage of bikes: halfords did it? need i say more?
by Chav Hunter1 August 07, 2006
a shop employing only retards with minimal background knowlage and paying minimum wage
" im getting a job at halfords so that in 40 years ill be able to afford that ford focus "
by Chav Hunter1 August 07, 2006

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