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A slogan used by FOX news in a sarcastic sense, knowing full well that they are neither fair nor balanced, but rather simply a chairleader for the right wing agenda.
Tonight on FOX news, a fair and balanced report on how great George W. Bush is and how simply marvelous it was that we went to war with Iraq.
by Chauncey Hollinsworth May 28, 2004
A reference to an extremely ugly female.
Man that bitch is a total antiboner. My dick actually shrunk up and inverted inside me.
by Chauncey Hollinsworth July 23, 2004
The act of perpetually incessant talking at a high volume. Typically exacerbated by the consumption of alcahol, and seemingly uninterupted and endless, thereby causing the victim/listener great distress.
The other night Al wouldn't stop talking. He just kept talking and talking and talking. At no time was there a pause in his speech. I couldn't get a word in edge-wise, and if I tried he would simply raise the volume of his verbal diarea several decibels higher to a level far above the OSHA acute exposure limit requiring hearing protection. I had been derued.
by Chauncey Hollinsworth June 12, 2006
When a girl sucks your dick and balls at the same time.
Man, that chick was sooo good at giving head, she was able to complete the mission imposible.
by Chauncey Hollinsworth May 24, 2004

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