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1 definition by ChatroomCybering

Internet "sex" in chat rooms. Cybering + roles = roleplaying. Usually guys, fat chicks, or old men pretending to be women cyber when they can't get laid in real life.
M4F4RP: Hey sexy
DetailedRPGirl: Hehe hey
M4F4RP: Want to cyber?
DetailedRPGirl: Sure. What roles?
M4F4RP: You do hot sister brother rps?
DetailedRPGirl: Ewww. I'm not cybering with you. Bye.
M4F4RP: Wait!!
M4F4RP: What roles you into?

-DetailedRPGirl ignores M4F4RP

M4F4RP cries like a bitch.
M4F4RP hits up 30 women in the AdultChat but doesn't receive any responses.
M4F4RP kills himself.
by ChatroomCybering January 19, 2011